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Name: Hans van Barele

When he was 8 years old, Hans van Barele/Deejay HvB got interested in music and instruments. First at school, with the musical lessons, but very short after that he started with organ lessons, inspired by his cousin Ronald van Barele, who is a very talented musician and music teacher now a days. But in a few years of  playing the organ, he found out, that playing the organ was not what he wanted, and he learned how to play the gitar and together with his friends he started a "new wave" band, wich was not a very big succes, but a lot of fun! 

In the 80's, Hans van Barele/Deejay HvB got interested in, at the time, a new kind of music, Housemusic. Hans van Barele/Deejay HvB, began to mix his own tracks somewhere in the 90's. First there was Rebirth, then Fruityloops and Acid Pro. After a while he discovered the "Mac" and Logic Pro, so he made the switch from Microsoft to Apple, because he was blown away by the opportunities in Logic Pro, especially Logic Pro 9. He also learned to work with Cubase and Pro Tools at the studio, but he fancy's Logic Pro 9 and Reason 5 more. So the tracks you wil find on this website, are all made in Logic Pro and some parts are made in Reason (the new Rebirth), because of some beautiful applications in Reason.

To expand his knowledge of mixing music, he went to the studio, House of Productions in Rotterdam, for a producing course. Wich completed his knowledge about mixing and editing music. But next to making tracks, he also wanted to learn Dj mixing, so he bought a Hercules RMX with Virtual DJ Pro and started his DJ career. After a year, he was finished with the Hercules RMX with virtual DJ Pro, and he bought a professional DJ set, so he could really learn how to work with the real stuff!!

DJ Candela (Pascal Fontein) teached him a lot of mixing technics at House of Productions, so Hans van Barele/Deejay HvB was ready for the real deal! Also DJ Miss Phoenix (Sandra Huisman) showed him some different mixing skills and now he is ready to conquer the world with his mixes!!!

In 2010 Hans van Barele/Deejay HvB started this website, to show and share, what he is doing with his music and mixes. Together with House of Productions he started the "DJ Koerier" , a DJ bookingsagency. So Hans van Barele is the founder of deejayhvb.nl and one of the founders of djkoerier.nl. Together with Herbert Kroon from @Hurby's webdesign, he created this website, so he could create a platform for him and his DJ friends, where they can promote themselves as a DJ or Producer.

Functions :
Manager @ deejayhvb.nl,  DJ @ deejayhvb.nl, Producer @ deejayhvb.nl, Instructor @ deejayhvb.nl, Photogragher @ deejayhvb.nl 


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