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It seems like everyone wants to become DJ now a days! In order to distinguish you from all other "DJ's" , to actually earn money with it, its not enough to just mix a couple of tracks.. You need to have knowledge of how the dj-ing was created, what is going on and where the profession is going. As a DJ you need to know exactly what the equipment does and how you and your music choice can be used to entertain your audience . Now a days you need more than just a set of turntables and a selection of music, your act is becoming increasingly important, you have to have your own productions and the use of software like Ableton with controllers, is becoming increasingly popular.

We offer several opportunities to master DJ-ing: you can follow individual classes, rent 1 of the rehearsal studios or participate the dj course in a small group. 
There is also the possibilaty to take individual lessons at home, but then you'll need to have your own dj gear. For individual lessons and renting a studio contact us.
The DJ course is taught by experienced DJs and producers. You do not only learn DJ-ing, but also the basics of producing your own music and what kind of attitude you should have to play with the audience. 

Topics covered will include: DJ Lesson
- Live setups -
- Music Choice -
- Acoustics -
- How do you get the best audience to over -
- Working with the best DJ equipment -
- Beat-Mixing -
- The mixing of your own beats -
- Basic music-production -
- Recording and editing your own sets -
- How to promote yourself -
- The Digital DJ - 

 The classes:

LESSON 1: Introduction and explanation of different ways to connect to your set. In this lesson we will discuss with you what equipment can and will work with, because the possibilities are many nowadays.
LESSON 2: In this lesson we start with all features on the CDJ-1000's / 2000's, and we will comment on how music is constructed. Furthermore, we begin with the "mix action plan" ; BPM and Que
LESSON 3: The DJ mixer offers many ways to mix your tracks, but the important thing is that you create space in your mix, so you have more time to make a gradual transition of your tracks. In this lesson we will elaborate all the features of the DJM-600/800 features, EQ, volume   and FX
LESSON 4: You are now at the point that you are familiar with the equipment and controls, even though you are not in possession of the DJ gear. One of the main points of mixing, is that the beats are aligned, this is called Beat Matching. In this lesson you learn everything about that.
LESSON 5: Now a days its almost weird, when you don't produce your own tracks as a dj, so we begin this lesson with how other DJ's like Armin van Buren, Fedde Le Grand and Daft Punk make their own tracks. Cubase, Logic, Reason and Ableton Live are discussed in this lesson.
LESSON 6: In this lesson you will produce yourself  a DJ friendly track . A nice long intro and an outro make it easier for you to be able to beat match. We  also will make the track "club ready" which means making your track as hard and fat like commercialy released  tracks.
LESSON 7: You can choose whether you want to continue to produce your own track or remix,  or to improve your skills on the Pioneers. We will also record your dj set, so you can listen to it at home for improvement.
LESSON 8: The final preparations and tips and tricks for the exam. Your audience and choise of tracks are closely linked, so we go into detail about how to prepare your set. We will also record your dj set, so you can listen to it at home for improvement.
EXAMINATION: This is where all your learned techniques and skills come together in a set of 10 numbers. This is recorded in audio and video together and fused into a great opportunity to promote yourself on the internet and in the clubs. After the exam, we'll jave a drink and we talk about the issues that went well and less well. even after the exam there is the possibilaty to use us, to do some of the promotion and bookings. We do not garantee work, but we put a lot of effort in it!



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